Terms and Conditions

This document defines the terms of use, which allow users (candidates or entities) to use the site NetCV.com. The user must read this page and agree to comply with these conditions before using the website NetCV.com as it affects your legal rights and responsibilities. By clicking the ''I Accept'' button during the registration procedure on the NetCV.com site, you are agreeing explicitly without limitation or qualification to these terms and conditions. This click is a valid and legal signature.

1. Terms of use of netcv.com

NetCV is registered with the French CNIL ("Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés") under the number 1220511 in the name of Mr. Antoine Leclercq, 217 rue Mithridate Chocque 62920 France.
NetCV.com is a service developed in France. It is subject to French laws and regulations relating to confidentiality and data protection. Any personal or moral dispute with a user whatever his nationality or legal domicile on the interpretation or use of NetCV.com is the exclusive jurisdiction of French courts applying French law.
NetCV reserves the right to remove without previous notice any message, content or material which does not comply with these conditions NetCV may revise these terms and conditions at any time by updating their content. You should visit this page regularly to review these terms and ensure they are still accepted by you (candidate or entities).
The website can only be used by applicants to find employment, expand their professional network and recruiters to find the desired profile.

2. Copyright and NetCV user accounts

When you register, you choose a user name (subject to availability) and a password. These allow you to use full service NetCV. They are also used to exercise your right of access, rectification and deletion of your personal data in accordance with Articles 38, 39 and 40 of the Act of 6 January 1978. It is important not to lose this login information. However, if you do not remember your login information, you can request that they be referred to the email you provided when you register using this form.
The CV you create on the site NetCV.com is your property. However, NetCV is authorized by these conditions to publish it on the internet depending on the configuration and level of privacy you have provided your CV (Confidential, Public or private).

3. Broadcast your CV

The information collected is subject to a treatment designed to give you the opportunity to have your CV online on your personal address http://myname.netcv.com. The recipients of the data depend on the choices you make at the option of broadcasting the page on your preferences (public, private or confidential):

  • Confidential: Your information will be made available only to recruiters authenticated on the site
  • Private: Your information will be accessible only to authenticated NetCV users (please note that registration is open to NetCV) and recruiters
  • Public Broadcasting: Your information will be publicly accessible (that is the option that lets you register your CV on the search engines), and therefore recruiters

The level of privacy and choice are the responsibility of the candidate. To protect you from any misuse of personal data by third parties, NetCV has set up a contact form for a third party to be able to establish contact with you without having access to your personal data (mail, phone, address) . The public broadcast allows for indexing in search engines and then all elements in the content of your CV can be searched via a search engine (Google, Yahoo ...) and therefore the display of the link http:// myname.netcv.com in the research pages.

4. Change / Remove your details

In accordance with Articles 38, 39 and 40 of the modified Act of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access and rectify information concerning you. If you wish to exercise this right and view your information, log on your personal space NetCV. Data on your account are kept for one year. An email will be sent prior to the removal of your data. You can request that your data be removed immediately by logging in and clicking on the "My Account" at the top of the page. Follow the signs for the deletion of your account (and the information associated). The data that have not been revalidated for over a year are removed

5. Managing your CV

NetCV offers you the opportunity to create one or more CVs via your personal NetCV space and assigning each a specific Web address that will allow potential visitors (defined in your distribution preferences cf. Part 3) to consult their content.

6. Responsibility for NetCV

NetCV implements all necessary means to ensure better delivery of services it offers to the user. This responsibility will not be liable in case of force majeure or circumstances beyond its control, such as the interruption of service resulting from a failure of the telephone network or ISP of the user. NetCV is not responsible for any use that may be made by the Internet information and services available on the site.

7. Publishing your CV

A CV is issued for a period of 6 months, renewable indefinitely. A month before the publication deadline, you will be asked by email if you wish to extend the duration of publication of your CV. If you wish, you'll be prompted to log into your personal NetCV space to validate the extension of the publication of your CV. If this is not the case, the publication of your CV will be deactivated and your CV will not be available online.

8. Deleting your account to your initiative

At any time, by connecting to your personal NetCV space, you can permanently delete your account and all personal information being attached (CV, details ...). Once the removal performed, it will be impossible to retrieve this information.

9. Expiry of your data

Every account was not used during one year (365 days) will be deleted with all attached information (resume, personal information, preferences ...). You will be notified by email 1 month prior to the irreversible deletion of your account. You will be able to stop the deletion by simply logging on your personal space NetCV.

10. Moderation by the administration

The administration of NetCV is likely to remove, prior to its dissemination, any information that is not connected with the main purpose of NetCV (publication of CV), any racist, defamatory, unethical, or which is contrary to the law, including the account disseminating this information. The administration of NetCV reserves the right to inform the authorities depending on the seriousness of the information published.
NetCV is an international site and all users can access it. Therefore, users are prohibited from violating any law or regulation local or state-owned, national or international. The use of NetCV must be consistent with respect for the laws of your country.

11. Interconnection with other websites such as Facebook

Facebook is a social network that connects you to friends or colleagues. This is a site which deals with personal data and allows the sharing of such data with your network of friends and people around you.
Facebook allows developers to integrate applications to the platform of its website. An application NetCV has been integrated to this platform and was developed for the only purpose of increasing your chances of finding a job and you can more easily be searched by recruiters. NetCV.com is not responsible for any type of failure that can occur on the Facebook site and therefore cause the failure of the application.
Before the development of the application, NetCV team has accepted an agreement with Facebook to ensure the respect of your privacy settings. However, the policy of confidentiality and respect of personal information of Facebook web site is to dissociate from the policy of NetCV web site. NetCV cannot be held responsible for the collection of information and data from your Facebook profile that can be used by Facebbok based on the application above.

These conditions of use and their scope are valid only on the site NetCV.com. NetCV cannot be held responsible for any misuse of the application on the Facebook site by third parties.
The user is requested to inform NetCV team of any use that seems to him suspicious of the application NetCV. NetCV retains its right to initiate formal legal proceedings against any third person who is abusing the use of its application or that the purports is to affect the confidentiality and privacy of users of that same application.

12. Specific Prohibited Uses

NetCV Site may be used only for lawful purposes by individuals seeking employment or career information and employers seeking employees.
NetCV prohibits any use of the website, and all users (or Jobseekers Employers) agree not to use the website for the following purposes: a) The publication or transmission of personal information relating to other users of the site without their consent. b) The incomplete online biographical data, false or incorrect information or not in relation to the reality of your personal CV. c) The misrepresentation in the content of the CV to have occupied a position in a company or entity. d) Publishing on the CV of information such as commercial, political, vulgar, defamatory, sexual, illegal (images) or others which are not related to the nature and usefulness of the CV. d) use of any medium that can affect the proper functioning of the site NetCV.com. e) The use of email addresses of the candidates who have opted to have a public profile and make a base for spamming, sending viruses or any kind of corrupted data.

13. Extent of the provision of information to recruiters

We communicate your data to recruiters who are registered on our site and are likely to contact you to offer you a job. NetCV provides only a link between the recruiter and the candidate and cannot be held responsible if the employer uses the personal data for purposes other than to offer you a job.
Recruiters can also store your CV and use it after the expiration of your NetCV account. NetCV cannot control the manner in which your personal data are stored and cannot be held responsible for the contact made between a third party and a candidate after the expiration of the account.
We try to limit access to our CV database accessible only to entities registered in the recruiters and having accepted the terms of use of NetCV. However, we cannot guarantee that no other party will have access to this database.

14. Children

NetCV is not intended for children under 18 years and we do not intentionally collect any personal data from children under 18.

15. Compensation

The acceptance of these terms means that you are only and solely responsible in the event of a dispute with a third party and therefore all financial compensation are at your expense. NetCV stands out for any violation of these terms of use or any dispute arising from the use of its website.

16. Miscellaneous

NetCV is a French service and governed by French law. If the invalidity of any of these terms were to be shown to the court of a third country, this unilateral decision does not affect the remaining conditions.
Recruiters are responsible for their job and the candidate is responsible for his CV. NetCV cannot be held responsible if the candidate or the recruiter does not find satisfaction in using his service.
The NetCV users assume full responsibility for using the service which is offered and accepted without notice that some updates or changes can be made at any time on the site.

17. Contact

For questions about these Terms of Use, you can contact us here. You can also contact us by mail at the address: NetCV - 217 Rue Mithridate - 62920 Chocque - France.